Panucci meet up in a Cologne rehearsal room

Sheer coincidentally, there are several Panucci players in the Cologne region. And even more so interested in Panucci. Then one Cologne guitar player came to my shop and invited me to his practice basement in Cologne. And so a group of eight guitar players were there and the space full of Panuccis. Some brought their own Panuccis, so there were more ’59s than ever in my store! For two guitar players, it was a special moment, as we delivered their custom order. The first sounds of them playing it, were magic.

The conclusion was, each guitar has its own distinct sound. But there are more commonalities than differences in the Panucci sound. And also a great relief for everyone in the room, each Panucci player was the most happy with its own one.

Thanks to Ralph Hötte and Torsten Hindersin for their great hospitality of inviting everyone in their practice space. An evening we will never forget!