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De Staat, Chef’Special, Mister&Mississipi, Milkbar and many others choose Panucci

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You might be wondering?

Where can I try the guitar?

We have a show room with some nice amps for testing.

As sound is such an subjective experience, I recommend that you bring some gear of your own that you know. A guitar or an amp (or both) for references, helps you to hear what my guitars sound like.

My guitars are also available at Lead Guitars and Ten Guitars.

Do you also do custom orders?

Not anymore. I just build what I like to build, and then you can buy the guitar. You can contact me and let me know what guitar you would be interested in. Then I will add your name to my “request list”. Also your ideas could inspire me for my upcoming guitars. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what I am currently working on.

Do you also do non aged guitars?

Aging is my passion and my trademark. I don’t do shiny guitars. Aging is where the fun starts. So all my guitars will be reliced, varying from slightly reliced (aged hardware) to heavy relic.

Can you build me a replica of this model by brand x, w, z?

I have designed my own versions of the famous models of electric guitars. They sound and feel like a Panucci. So also their looks are distinctively, and well recognizably, a Panucci. So the answer is no, I don’t do 1:1 replicas.

Can I trade in my own guitar for a Panucci?

Unfortunately not. I am builder, not a regular guitar store. However, I can connect you to some traders, who may buy your old one and free up your cash.

What payment methods do you accept?

Preferably bank transfer.

How do I know if the guitar that I want is still available?

Sales can go fast. Contact me about the particular guitar that you had in mind.

Some guitars don’t even make it to the store. When people see what I am doing on Facebook or Instagram, they sometimes make a reservation right away.

Do you also do repairs and customizing?

I am full time working on guitar building. That means, I don’t do repairs and customizing. I know some pretty good repair guys. Contact me if you need them.

What people are saying

  • Relatief heldere en strakke bas, veel midcomplexiteit en mooi hoog

    Ik heb intussen live gespeeld. Amp used: Soldano SLO100. De balans waarbij een combinatie van relatief heldere en strakke bas, veel midcomplexiteit en mooi hoog (zonder irritant tophoog) en daarnaast ook de nootdefinitie en doorzettingskracht "live" is iets wat ik tot nu toe niet in strats heb gevonden. De PU's ademen en hebben veel diepte, het is als een goede wijn op dronk. De gitaar is ondanks zijn vintage karakter toch heel erg veelzijdig en dynamisch, of ik nu Chicagoblues, jazz, funk of rock speel. Chapeau! - 

  • A natural extension of the heart

    My Panucci T has got the richness, depth and looks of an old soul and guides me into exciting areas I've never been before. She interacts beautifully in a very subtle way with the amplification of her unique authentic voice. Always finding the right tone to say what needs to be said. Whether it is about the reflection of twinkling eyes or the sound of tears falling down scattering in a thousand pieces. - 

  • A very dynamic guitar!

    "Great balance between the strings. What an attack." - 

  • Wow, wow, wow!

    "What a brilliant sound experience. Each pickup brings something unique, and the treble bleed is really good. I also love the neck." -