Panucci Amps

How it all started

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a master built Panucci guitar with a custom made Panucci amplifier? Although I am not an amp builder myself (apart from some holiday projects), my very good friends Peter Donkers and Ab van Gemonden they embarked on the journey of designing Panucci amps. Together we brainstormed about what the concept of a Panucci amp should be. Peter made the design, Ab did the soldering. And together we produced the first set of amps. As they were sold quickly, we invested in the next batch, and the next.


In search for the ultimate sound, many guitar players got inspired by the tones of the legendary amps from the ’50s and ’60. Obviously it is hard to capture Eric Clapton’s vibrato, or Jimi’s wrist action in a piece of gear. As the saying goes: tone is in the fingers. But, our custom made Panucci amplifier should get you close to the traditional tones.

In addition to our vintage built Panucci guitars, we now offer you the amp to help you find your signature tone and write your own history.


Like a good dish, we use the best ingredients and keep the recipe as simple as possible. A class A, point to point, hand wired amp with a 10″ speaker and a sweet spot control that will let you shape the feel of the saturation.

This little two-tone, all tube, suitcase amp won’t break your back, but will keep most drummers in check when it comes to attitude, volume and power.

Go on, take a step towards creating your own story and let this little monster take you back to the future.

The Guitar Lounge

Curious about playing some Panucci guitars and testing a Panucci amp? The Guitar Lounge is here for you to test our current stock. Contact me if you plan to visit us. We can make an appointment, also outside of ‘regular store hours’.

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