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Frequently asked Questions

Please read our most commonly asked questions first!

Where can I try the guitar?

We have a show room with some nice amps for testing.

As sound is such an subjective experience, I recommend that you bring some gear of your own that you know. A guitar or an amp (or both) for references, helps you to hear what my guitars sound like.

If you could bring a guitar of your own with similar or higher value and leave it as a deposit, then you can take my guitar with you for a week. Then you can play it in your own house or band space to really take it to the test!

All of this, to help to make the right decision in purchasing a guitar that makes you happy.

Do you also do custom orders?

Yes, we do! Actually most of our sales are custom orders. Contact me to discuss your options.

Meanwhile, look at my Facebook page to see what kinds of orders I am working on right now.

Do you also do non aged guitars?

I really enjoy doing the aging just very, very much. Closed classics is an option. Minor aging too (just the hardware). Shiny guitars just don’t do it for me. Keep in mind that we use the old school lacquers, which will age naturally.

Can you build me a replica of this model by brand x, y, z?

I have designed my own versions of the famous models of electric guitars. They sound and feel like a Panucci. So also their looks are distinctively, and well recognizable, a Panucci. So the answer is no, I don’t do 1:1 replicas.

Can I trade in my own guitar for a Panucci?

Unfortunately not. I am builder, not a regular guitar store. However, I can connect you to some traders, who may buy your old one and free up your cash.

What payment methods do you accept?

In the store, you can only pay cash.

When placing an order, we accept bank transfer and PayPal.


How do I know if the guitar that I want is still available?

Sales can go fast. Contact me about the particular guitar that you had in mind.

Some guitars don’t even make it to the store. When people see what I am doing on Facebook, they sometimes make a reservation right away.

Do you also do repairs and customizing?

I am full time working on guitar building. That means, I don’t do repairs and customizing. I know some pretty good repair guys. Contact me if you need them.

How long will my order take to be processed?

For custom orders, that really depends and we will discuss what it is like in your case. Generally, it takes about 6 months, given my order list. Once you do a down payment €500,-, you are on the order list.

For guitars that are currently in stock, we’ll ship them after we have received your payment.

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