Congratulations to the winners of the Sena Young Talent Guitar Awards 2015

We congratulate the winners of this year’s SYTGA, Antonio Molina Moya and Tom Renet with their first price of a custom Panucci guitar. We are looking forward to discuss their wishes, favorite specs to find what they were looking for, just as we did last year for Leif de Leeuw and Ryan Vroon. Having seen all the other contestants, we know the competition was tough. Therefore, also congratulations to all the other great guitar players. Just join the competition next time, and who knows!
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’59 Inspired – double blind product test

In this early stage of the ’59 series, I need some thorough testing to get a good understanding of the sound and how they are appreciated. Especially because vintage guitars and the real ’59s (build between ’58 and ’60) sound a bit differently than the ones that are build today. My quest is to design a open sounding vintage voiced ’59, what some people call a “tele on steroid”. No muddy neck pickup, but open, bright and with articulation, great dynamics and string separation. What I call, thinner but broader. To find out if people recognized this in my ’59s, I organized a double blind test with eight very different players (from jazz to metal to vintage rock) who tested, scored and judged the guitars, purely on their ears and playability. Here a short impression of the results.
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’59 Inspired thinline flat-top with Bigsby

My idea for the ’59 Inspired series is to design a  whole range of vintage inspired guitars. So I started with this thinline flat-top guitar. The top has a nice flame. Decided to make just one soundhole, with the same shape as I did earlier for an archtop guitar. No soundhole on the other side to make place for the control knobs and the Bigbsy. Watch the progression on Facebook.

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Start of the ’59 series

The first of the ’59 Inspired series are there and already on stage. See here Vedran Mircetic (De Staat) on his ’59. And earlier, Theo van Niel jr. taking a test ride with his band Mojo Man.

Curious about how this guitar was built? Take a look at the photo album on Facebook.

Soon, we hope to create more ’59 Inspired Panucci’s. Do you have a favourite burst? Let me know, and I could build one like that!

Also take a look at the photo album of the three ’59s that I am building right now.


Vedran Mircetic

Theo van Niel jr.

Theo van Niel jr.