Building of The Wizard

All the year I had been so busy with all kinds of orders, but finally I managed to take some time for starting my own models. Actually, these are re-issues, or re-inspired recreations of the models that I made since the late ’90. I have always been very reluctant to build the traditional models. Six years ago I started these for fun, when I was following advanced training for building acoustic and archtop guitars. As these picked up very well, I got more and more fun in building my ’59s and the original model was always slumbering in the back of my head.

Here is the first one, designed in collaboration with Vedran Mircetic, guitar player of De Staat. For the next ones, I hope to make many variations in terms of pickups, tremolos, bridges and many more, keeping a good vintage vibe.

For this one I tried a small bevel. I did one 10 years ago on a prototype that does not exist anymore. All the features, I kept them a bit minimal in terms of control buttons and inlay. Looking forward to the stage testing. The next one will follow from that.

These are some of the models that I made from the late ’90 till ’08.