Leif de Leeuw: tribute to Chuck Berry, playing his Panucci ’59 gold top

Panuccis are played by musicians.  So it’s not a surprise to see them regularly on stage and on television. The Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD) features a lot of musicians, including De Staat, Chef’Special, Lucas Hamming, MisterandMississipi and many others. However, this time, when Leif de Leeuw hit the stage, his presence was staggering. The occasion was the death of Chuck Berry. As an act of tribute, Leif de Leeuw put his boots on the table and let his guitar scream, Johnny be good.  One minute of playing and this video was shared virally on Facebook. The vintage sound completely matches the song and Leif’s playing and performance just does it. He plays his own guitar, Panucci 59-C-29. You can see more of Leif on our YouTube Channel. We really enjoy Leif’s talent and his love of Panuccis.

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